Car Selling Contract Templates

Selling a car is common to make a business nowadays. Used car for sale to a private dealer or buyer is more economical thing to do than selling it to a car company or car dealership. With the use of a template, creating a car selling contract is much easier and professionally presentable with a… Read More »

Short Sale Purchase Contract

A short sale purchase contract is defined as the buying of real estate property that are marked as sale in which the selling of the properties will fall on the balance amount proposed by the management responsible against the property and the owner of that property failed to pay the full amount to the management.… Read More »

Sale of Goods Contract Template

A sale of goods contract is one of the common form of contract used for a business transaction which pertains to purchasing of goods. It is usually done to ensure that the rights and responsibilities of the seller and buyer are under the legal process and clearly emphasize to be understand by both parties. Creating… Read More »

House Purchase Contract

A house purchase contract is a form of contract intended for the two parties involved namely the buyer and the seller of the house. The contract form is created for the purpose of emphasizing the purchase of house based on the terms and conditions as agreed by both parties. A house purchase contract is a… Read More »

Executive Employment Contract

An executive employment contract is also known as executive employment agreement. It is intended for companies and organizations engaged into business for business purposes. It is clearly defined as an agreement made when a certain corporation of company accepted a fresh executive individual after being hire to their company or organization. Thus, the responsibilities of… Read More »

Commercial Contract

A commercial contract is a form of contract that is very useful for business purposes. The contract is a legal form of document wherein the two or more parties of business involved are agreed to commit on working mutual for reaching goals and objectives. The business companies involved for this commercial contract are accountable for… Read More »

Retail Space Lease Contract

Retail spaces are often given out for lease as most retailers don’t prefer to buy out an entire property just for a few-years use. The conditions that are made when renting out a retail space are very different from the ones made when renting out a house. And therefore, it is all the more important… Read More »

IT Consulting Contract

It would be impossible for any company to get by without the help of an IT department. If the IT department isn’t a part of the company, it may hire the IT consulting services that are provided by consultants to meet its requirements. When they do, they usually make a contract so that there is… Read More »

Contract for Consulting Services

Every company will need to hire one consulting service or the other to keep things going for them. It could be a business consulting service, a real estate consulting service or an IT consulting service that they need help from, but it should always be a norm to make a contract with the service providing… Read More »

Marketing Consultant Contracts

A company will have to employ a lot of novel marketing strategies to succeed in its business. And when it thinks that the marketing department that it has is not enough for the business, it usually takes the help of a marketing consultant company. When a company and a marketing consultant company work together on… Read More »